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Youthspeak Survey


It is not just another survey, but a movement aimed to shine the light on the issues that matter, create awareness and generate actions.
YouthSpeak Survey run by AIESEC is a global youth insight survey run by youth for youth. It is the“no-barriers” programme that enables any young person and stakeholder to participate in issues relevant to their society. A flexible, attractive and engaging approach to making AIESEC relevant to any young person; and a way to get involved with no barriers and low commitment.

YouthSpeak Initiative
The society needs young people to take action and we, as AIESEC, is the platform for this youth empowerment.
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About Us
YouthSpeak is a global youth movement and insight survey powered by AIESEC, one of the world's largest youth-led organization present in 125 countries and territories.

YouthSpeak is on a mission to collect 100,000 youth opinions to understand how we can improve youth the education to employment journey.
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